Who has time for matchmakers  when there are dating apps available at your dispense  OkCupid The original dating app. This app pioneered the way for other apps to flourish. OkCupid basically allows you to create a profile and then answer some yes or no questions regarding dating, lifestyle, and etc. The answers you provided are … Continue reading Matchmaker


Let’s hangout?

I hate that question. When did people start calling dates hangout. Going to school in New York I really see how different the dating scene is to everywhere else. How to get a date in New York City: For goodness sake ladies please stop thinking you will find a boyfriend in the club because you … Continue reading Let’s hangout?


Whenever I'm alone I find myself the most vulnerable to my own ¬†thoughts. I can be on a train, walking home, at my desk and these thoughts always pop up in my head. Can't stop but wondering if that person is staring at me because I look terrible today ¬†or there's something on my face … Continue reading Wanderer


Whats on your mind?

Me me me me me is what's on everyone's mind. How can I make myself happy? Does this benefit me? Is it even worth my time? It's 2017, and we live in a world where people are solely focus on being first at everything. As a female this is probably the first of many other … Continue reading Whats on your mind?