Who has time for matchmakers  when there are dating apps available at your dispense 


The original dating app. This app pioneered the way for other apps to flourish. OkCupid basically allows you to create a profile and then answer some yes or no questions regarding dating, lifestyle, and etc. The answers you provided are then compare with other users and then they give you a percentage of how much you match with the other person. 


Now this app was unlike no other. This app allow users to swipe left or right. Left meant no and right meant yes. Tinder allows you to connect your Spotify and Instagram to help ease people minds (catfishing is still a thing). Sometimes people get good matches and most of the time they don’t and then this app has a terrible reputation of being known as a hookup app. 


Bumble change the game for the dating scene by creating an app that forces women to message the guy first otherwise he’ll disappear. It girls out of their comfort zone. This app is also known for having attractive guys with good real jobs. Another cool thing about this app is it also has a feature that allows you to search for best friends instead of someone of the opposite sex.  

The League 

The league is for the elites. The reason I say for the elites is because it’s not something you make and then you instantly start swiping. As soon as you sign up your put on a waiting list. After being accepted you have to sync your LinkedIn profile with the app to show you’re actually a working professional. Then you only get five matches a day and it refreshes everyday at 5.  


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