Let’s hangout?

I hate that question. When did people start calling dates hangout. Going to school in New York I really see how different the dating scene is to everywhere else.

How to get a date in New York City:

  • For goodness sake ladies please stop thinking you will find a boyfriend in the club because you won’t.  Say NO to guys in the club
  • Ed Sheeran said it best “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
    So the bar is where I go
    ” Sometimes you get lucky
  • Then there’s old reliable dating apps. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and if you want to get fancy League.

After you meet or match with the lucky bachelor you exchange numbers and hope for the best. Then you “HANGOUT” When you hang out that could mean going to a bar; most likely going to a bar.

You meet at the bar have a drink or two and talk it up.  You don’t go into detail about yourself but you give him an overview. You laugh and smile thinking you’re making a good impression and then the date is over. He pays or sometimes you split the bill and then you guys walk outside and say your goodbyes whether its an awkward hug or maybe you get lucky and get a kiss or maybe you walk together and suddenly end up in his place whatever.

Sometimes you hear back and sometimes you don’t.

New York City the place where all the beautiful people live” 


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