Whenever I’m alone I find myself the most vulnerable to my own  thoughts. I can be on a train, walking home, at my desk and these thoughts always pop up in my head.

  1. Can’t stop but wondering if that person is staring at me because I look terrible today  or there’s something on my face that I can’t see
  2. See’s a pretty person walk by and wonder how do they look like that. What I should be doing
  3. Keep telling myself I’ll go the gym the next day. Should I go to the gym in the morning or at night?
  4. I need new clothes because I dress outdated
  5. Checking social media and wonder why my life isn’t as fun as others and then try to justify it as there lives are fake and its just social media
  6. How I can make money/ save money. It’s actually really hard to do
  7. Who am I?
  8. The dating scene and why can’t I get it right
  9. Why can’t I stay focus
  10. My family

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